Morteza Zaboliyan

Here you see my friend Morteza asleep. His shop was on the North side of the famous Naghsh-e Jahan Square.

The shop became during four weeks one of my anchor places. Always time for tea and a chat. Patiently explaining and showing how the decorative figures for printing were carved in wood. Sharing the recipe for permanent printing colours. Allowing me to sit for hours upstairs where the printing by hand was done. The hand-printing had quite an impact on me; no medium in-between. “Kein Ankerloses tasten stort die Hand,” says Paul Celan and he is right. The hand by training, by exercise knows his own thing. After the disputed elections the Square was full with Green flags, I have a photo of it. Through Narriman I got some hand-prints to Morteza as a sort of moral support. Narriman was told to come back in three days and was given three wonderful sunwheels for me.