Nozon: Fluid & Fixed

The freshness of a little stream has always been an attraction for me. Most of the time it was the “Salentze” quite near a place that I owned for some 30 years near Ovronnaz – Valais. Some years ago I happened onto the “Nozon” stream not far away from Orbe in Vaud. Nozon is derived from the Gallic and means “fresh water.” So when I found out about the meaning of Nozon, a sort of bond came into being. Add to that, that at the “Moulin Bornu,” (which was powered by the Nozon water) the stream splits and part of its water goes into the Rhone River and part goes into

tributaries of the  Rhine….. hence this specific place is called: “Le millieu du Monde.”  Yet there was another reason for wanting to look and photograph this stream; many years ago it occurred to me that water streaming over rocks or stones represented an almost perfect image of the joining of the “fixed” with the “fluid”… a sort of Yin – Yang thing. So a lot came together here with the Nozon: a little stream that I could trace from its origin in the Jura mountains down to the Millieu du Monde, and a lot of opportunities to find places where the fixed meets the fluid.

The photos you see here are the iceberg of the project that took me 11 days and resulted in more than a thousand photos.
Do not look for context; these are just images trying to catch the juxtaposition of the pair fixed & fluid.