Vignette Larousse (3)

Here we have the “Parachute seeds” that the girl in the Larousse vignette blows into whatever wind. In themselves these seeds float so beautifully. The pressed glass case is designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld for double use: the boxes could be stacked cleverly

into a small fridge AND at the same time used as tableware; meant for low income groups. Wagenfeld’s moral behaviour in difficult times was exemplary, he had the courage to say 3 times “no” to the Nazis, and thus he faced the consequences.  The theme of sharing or its opposite is not only restricted to ideas or land. A lot of people have become contaminated with a frame of mind that is close to the characteristics of “Enclosure;” a calculating attitude, constantly holding back when one ought to share,  keeping the cards very close to one’s chest.

Universities nowadays are more and more manned by small bureaucrats guarding their little stalls, while their true mission is to share unhindered wisdom & knowledge. And the same applies to almost all large organisations. Yes, I am deeply critical. Do I need to bring well known names in to support my views in this respect? This is not the place to introduce footnotes, but I can’t resist to cite Wittgenstein, that great visionary: “Aber Energie bleibt Energie, und wenn so das Schauspiel, das dieses Zeitalter bietet, auch nicht das des Werdens eines grossen Kunstwerkes ist, in dem die Besten dem gleichen grossen Zweck zuarbeiten, sondern das wenig imposante Schauspiel einer Menge, deren Beste nur privaten Zielen nachstreben, … .”

The truly great masters are in flow and you always feel that they share; they are generous. They offer hospitality and one feels like coming home.